Bangkok: waxing at home vs waxing at the salon


Bangkok for the most part is hot. When it is not hot, it is raining. It is not an easy city to get around and sometimes we just want the comfort of staying at home and having services come to us.

Khun Koi understands this and so provides excellent waxing services in the comfort of your own home, hotel room or play of stay. She has been waxing for over 20 years and believes in providing high quality services at economic prices.

There are of course many differences to having a waxing treatment at home or going to the salon. Here are some of the basics to decide whether an appointment with Khun Koi is right for you.

Waxing at home:

  • Treatments come to you and are provided in your own space
  • Waxing is one third of the price of the same treatment at a salon
  • Basic but thorough treatments are provided at your level of comfort
  • Benefit from Khun Koi’s vast experience with providing treatments at home for a variety of customers over 20 years. She is competent with all hair types and treatment areas
  • No need to cover up irritated skin or red areas post wax as you are already at home

Waxing at the salon:

  • Travel to your nearest salon for appointment
  • Treatments are usually three times the price at quality salons
  • Services come with all the bells and whistles of a set up salon. Hot tea, clean towels and body lotions provided post treatment
  • Clinicians have experience limited to the clientele that frequent the salon
  • Skin may become red and irritated post wax and solutions for hiding this after treatment need to be thought about

Some things to consider when booking an appointment with Khun Koi:

  • A minimum spend of 500THB applies to appointments booked at home. This means your treatments need to add up to at least 500THB when you book a service with her at home. If you want a treatment under 500THB, you are welcome to go to her shop.
  • Khun Koi is very busy but she does not rush clients and attends to each clients needs with attention and care. Sometimes this makes her late for her next appointment.
  • Another factor to consider is that Khun Koi drives to all her appointments. Traffic in Bangkok is famously bad, so please book a time that can be flexible. She will ALWAYS call you if she is running late. Make sure you have a number she can contact you on.

Please do get in touch with us should you have any further questions about Khun Koi’s services. You can reach us easily through Facebook message or by contacting Khun Koi directly. We also have more tips on how to prepare and what to expect of your first wax ever!

Happy waxing!