Wax on, Wax off: Laura tells of her husband’s first experience


As a part of our new Wax on, Wax off series, we are chatting to some of Bangkok’s locals about their waxing experiences in this big city as well as their favourite haunts around town. Within these friendly discussions we will touch upon what makes Bangkok home for our international clientele as they share their waxing horror stories, restaurant recommendations and fun things to do in the land of smiles.

Please let us introduce our first expat resident, Laura.

Can you tell us about where you are from and how you came to be in Bangkok?

I’m from Germany and about 5 years ago I studied in Thailand. My husband and I decided to come back because we are entrepreneurial and want to build our own business, so we returned to live in Bangkok and work on our startup.

What do you like about living here?

I like that it’s easy to get great food, I love the warm weather and the friendly people and traditions that exist here.

How did you find out about Koi’s waxing services?

I found Koi by searching on the internet. I had been searching online for waxing services for a while and I couldn’t find anything good. Then I found her page on Facebook and really liked the recommendations written by other clients so I thought I had to try her treatments. I really like that she comes to my house and I can have treatments at home.

Why do you prefer to wax?

Because if I shave, my skin gets very itchy afterwards. I usually only have two or three days of smooth, hair-free skin before I have to shave again. My skin is very sensitive to the razor and I find it is very dry when I shave. When I wax my skin stays smooth for longer and is not as dry. I also find that where before I had a few ingrown hairs, after I have treatments with Koi, I never get that anymore. I think it might be her wax and how she is so thorough with her treatments.

A little bird told us that your husband likes Koi’s treatments too…

Yes, my husband decided to try waxing also. He plays football and so he wanted to try it out. It was fun listening to him scream during the treatment and see the results afterwards. Because it was his first time waxing, the wax worked really well for him. It has been about five weeks already since his wax and he is only just starting to see the regrowth. It has been amazing how long it has lasted. He  really liked the results and said Koi’s service was good.

How do you take care of your skin in between waxes?

I use an exfoliating glove when I shower and afterwards I use baby oil on my skin to keep it soft. I need a fast, easy routine and find these two simple things work well for me.

One last question – if you had friends in town who have never visited Bangkok before, where would you take them first?

My friends always stay at the hotel in front of my condo, so actually the first thing that they see when they arrive in Bangkok is my apartment and then our pool. I like to show them how I live in Bangkok and the local restaurants we eat at, then they can go off an do all the touristy things Bangkok has to offer. I think it’s good to be grounded at home first and have a base before going exploring.


Bangkok was just so good, Laura and her husband returned and have become some of Khun Koi’s regular clients. It is a fantastically creative city and has become a hub for startups and entrepreneurs with it’s relatively cheap costs of living and working. So when Laura is a multi-millionaire CEO, we’ll take credit for her very first interview! While she works on that, we suggest you book your partners in for a wax with Khun Koi, we promise, they won’t regret it.

A big thanks to Laura for chatting with us and sharing her tips for smooth skin.

Happy waxing!