Double dipping – the hygiene issue


Double dipping has become quite the controversy in the world of waxing. Salon’s reputations are ruined over it, customers are fearful of it, and the health world is rife with examples of terrible things that can happen. But what actually is double dipping and which types of wax are the most hygienic and safe to use? We’ll answer these questions for you below.

Double dipping – what is it?

When someone refers to double dipping it simply means the act of dipping a spatula into a pot of wax, smoothing that wax onto a client’s skin before dipping the same instrument back into the hot wax. In the wake of hype surrounding double dipping, many salons will use disposable spatulas for each strip of wax they apply, making treatments costly and eco-unfriendly.

Is it hygienic – can I get sick from it?

The act of re-using a spatula that has been on the client’s skin has been said to introduce germs and bacteria into the pot of wax. All you need to do is google double dipping – there are articles aplenty.

However, the fact of the matter is, that double dipping – the act of using the same spatula throughout your entire waxing treatment – should only really become a problem if the type of wax being used is not high quality. Hard wax in particular is very safe and withstands the practice of double dipping. As the wax is hard and sets very fast with the slightest coolness, the wax needs to be heated to very high temperatures before being ready to be applied to the skin. Because the wax operates at such high temperatures, germs and bacteria cannot exist in such environments making this type of wax completely hygienic and safe to use. You will not get any infections or sickness from having treatments with hard wax.

What to ask your waxing esthetician:

If you are nervous to book your waxing appointment for fear of infections caused by waxing, make sure you ask the esthetician what types of wax they use. If you plan to have regular waxes, you can request to buy your own pot of wax that the esthetician will use for you alone. Every time you book an appointment, your own pot of wax will be used for your treatments, making the process as hygienic as possible.

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Happy waxing!