Can I wax if I’m pregnant?


This is a question that is often asked of us and the answer simply is yes. There are however a few things to consider when booking a waxing appointment if you are pregnant. We’ve outlined them below with the hope that it will make you more comfortable to continue your regular treatments.

  • Sensitivity

Due to the hormonal changes happening in your body at this time, your skin is likely to be much more sensitive than usual. This does not mean that you cannot have a wax, it just means that it may hurt a little more than usual. You may also experience itchiness post wax as your skin gets used to being hair-free.

  • Bikini Area

Lots of women are concerned about getting a bikini wax or a Brazilian while they are pregnant. Firstly, there is no reason why you should not still be able to get your regular waxing treatments for these areas, no matter how far along you are. However, as was stated above, do be aware of the fact it may hurt more than usual. A few ways to decrease pain would be to make sure your waxes are regular, don’t leave it until your hair is really long – 5mm is a good length, anything longer will be more painful. Also have an icepack handy for your treatment and apply it to the area post hair removal. We’ve written more about getting ready for a wax and decreasing pain here.

  • Timing

If you decide to continue your regular waxing treatments whilst you are pregnant, do just that – keep it regular. You won’t know if your skin has become hyper sensitive if you put off your wax until you are eight months pregnant and about to give birth. Keep up your waxing schedule in your early months of pregnancy and you will be able to tell if your skin can handle it.

  • Communicate

Even if you’re just in the early stages of pregnancy it is important to tell your esthetician before your treatment. She will be extra careful to be sensitive and take it easy with your skin.

Keeping up your waxing regime once you are pregnant is easy once you take into account the above few tips. Khun Koi has vast experience with pregnancy waxing and can give personal recommendations to you when you book your appointment with her.

Happy waxing!