Wax on, Wax off: Bangkok local Ben describes how the city has changed over time


As part of our Wax on Wax off blog series, we spoke to Ben, a true Bangkok local, for her take on city living. We chatted about Thailand’s obsession with food, her favourite places to workout and of course, her experience with Koi’s waxing treatments.

Can you tell us where you’re from and where you grew up?

I’m Thai and I grew up in Rayong and Bangkok. I was born in Bangkok, raised in Rayong until I finished high school, then moved back to Bangkok for college and have been working here ever since.

Has Bangkok changed a great deal since you were young?

Bangkok has changed a lot! The startup scene is definitely new to Bangkok, I think it’s a trend that has been influenced by the West. It’s common now for people to want to own their own businesses rather than work for a big company. Also lifestyle in Bangkok has changed. People are a lot more health conscious and the organic movement has become a big trend. We are more conscious about where we buy our products from  and what goes into our food.

Talking about food, Thailand is a country obsessed it! Where are some of your favourite places to eat in Bangkok?

Thailand is obsessed with food, yes! Eating is an activity that is shared with others and for Thai people sharing food is a time to connect with family and friends.

One of my favourite places to eat modern Thai food is at KATI, which is a small boutique restaurant on Sukhumvit Soi 49. The word kati in Thai means coconut milk and the restaurant serves high quality Thai food using locally sourced organic ingredients. They are very healthy conscious, serving brown and black rice instead of white rice and even serving Thai desserts, that traditionally are very sweet, with reduced sugar.

Other than Thai food, for amazing pizza Peppina is a favourite of mine. The pizza crusts are thin and crispy, just how all good pizza should be.

For burgers I love the food truck Daniel Thaiger. One of my favourite things to do on a Sunday is to go to Craft on Sukhumvit Soi 23 to have beers and burgers in the afternoon. The Daniel Thaiger food truck is always there and it’s a great vibe with a lovely outdoor beer garden, live music and of course the best burgers in Bangkok!

How did you first find out about Koi’s waxing services?

I found out by Facebook. I saw that my friend had recommended her page and had written a review so I went to have a look and read all the comments. I found that it was mostly expats who had written reviews and so I thought that this place must be good. The price was very reasonable unlike most other places so I contacted her from the information provided on her Facebook page and found it was very easy to reach out to her.

There are so many salons in Bangkok to choose from, why do you go to Koi?

I like the fact that Koi does the treatment at home. That is how she is different to other salons. I find that with Koi it is very easy, she is a very genuine person and makes you feel very comfortable. Also I find that her wax is very good quality. After waxing I don’t feel the burn or have any ingrown hairs. I have sensitive skin but I don’t get any allergies or reactions from her wax.

Are you a regular waxer or is this something new for you?

In Bangkok I wax regularly, but before when I was younger I used to shave. Waxing is only relatively new to Bangkok but now that it is here and you can find good places to go like Koi, I like to wax regularly. If I shave it is not good for my skin and I find waxing leaves my skin smoother.

We hear you are a bit of a work out junkie – where is your favourite place/studio in Bangkok to get sweaty?

I like variety when I work out. I like bootcamp, I like weight training and I like yoga. I really love the bootcamp training at Hit It studio in Sukhumvit Soi 19. What I like about them is that they are different from other studios because their instructors are more focussed on your form. They really take the time to watch the way you walk, the way you sit, the way in which you lift the weights to make sure your form is correct. They give you knowledge while you train and I like that.

For yoga I like Holistic Yoga. I like doing yoga at different places because each studio and each instructor has a different style and has studied at different studios. I want the instructors to push me, to fix my form and show me new things. Yoga is about staying in the moment.

I also like New Moves, it’s a modern training studio. The equipment is all new and the instructors are well trained. You can find it in the Maneeya Centre in Phloenchit.

If you had a friend coming to Bangkok for the first time, where would you take them?

I just had a friend here recently and the first thing I took her to was the temple of the sleeping Buddha – Wat Pho. She was really impressed by the beauty of the temple and how big the Buddha’s image was. The second place I took her to was the weekend flea market – JJ or Chatuchak Market. She had never seen a big outdoor market before and she was amazed by how you could buy everything from food to pets to clothes at the market.


We completely agree with all above recommendations and just to add, the superstar Nutella pizza at Peppina is simply amazing! Everyone should try it!

Thank you Ben and hope to see you again soon.

Happy waxing!