Bangkok: Waxing for MEN


“I want it to be fair.” Koi insists. “Sometimes men have more hair then women, sometimes they have very little. But it’s not about that, I want it to be fair for both men and women. The pricing will be the same.”

Khun Koi is big on equality. No matter whether you are white skinned or brown, male or female, Thai or foreigner, rich or poor, Khun Koi believes in offering the same dedicated service to all of her clients. Same goes with the pricing of her treatments. She keeps her prices low and very competitive to all the big salons because she believes that everyone should have access to great waxing services.

For men, it is the same. Look at the price list, the price for leg waxing is the same for males and females.

In many ways, Bangkok can be hard for men. Looking for a regular massage often requires a Google search and in-depth research, scams abound from tailors to tuk tuks, and finding love can often involve a comparison of bank statements. Let alone finding a decent wax. With waxing relatively new to Thailand and not regularly practised by the local population, the industry is mostly catered towards female treatments and is less knowledgable about male sensitivities.

Then, once a decent salon is found, the prices for male waxing are often three times the price of the equivalent female treatments, which are already ridiculously high. Granted men often have more hair then women, but as Khun Koi suggested, this is a generalisation and not always the case.

Khun Koi has been waxing for over 20 years. Beginning her profession in a small salon in downtown Sukhumvit, after encouragement from multiple clients, she decided to open her own salon and become mobile, providing treatments to her clients in their own homes. Popular with expats, Khun Koi developed her male waxing experience with requests from her clients to wax their husbands. Often she would be booked for appointments to wax both husband and wife and as her reputation grew, she was soon getting many appointments for male waxing.

With the creation of her Facebook page and this website making Khun Koi’s services more accessible, men have been writing in and asking questions about the treatments Khun Koi provides. Here are answers to some of the questions we get asked:

Can you wax a man’s bikini/BrazilianThis is the most often requested treatment by men. Yes Khun Koi is very skilled at both of these treatments. Her treatments are quick and pain-free.

I shave, will this be a problem for my waxing treatment? If you shave, it is best to stop if you want to start waxing regularly. When you shave, you are basically cutting the hair off at the base of the skin so often when the hair grows back it is thicker. Waxing actually pulls the hair out at the root and if you wax regularly, it discourages the hair to re-grow, resulting in thinner hair. For your waxing appointment it is no problem if you have shaved before, just make sure your hair is at least 5mm long.

I want my whole body waxed, is this possible? Of course it is, please just let Khun Koi know when booking your appointment. The price will depend on how much hair you have, but will roughly be an addition of all treatment prices.

Does Khun Koi provide any other services for men? No, not at all. Khun Koi provides waxing treatments for men and that is all.

Can I make an appointment through Facebook? Sorry no, all appointments need to be made directly with Khun Koi. Her number is listed here.

Khun Koi does wax all areas of the body, so if a specific area is not listed on the price list, please give her a call and she will let you know.

Happy waxing!