Wax on, Wax off: Nicky shares Bangkok’s hidden gems


Our Wax on, Wax off series of articles highlights members from the Koi Chotika community and asks them about their life in Thailand. Nicky is an Australian expat now living and working in Bangkok. We asked to chat to her about Khun Koi and give us some tips for her hidden secrets of Bangkok.

Can you tell us how you met Koi?

I first met Koi when I came to Bangkok a little over four years ago now. I was searching online one day, looking for a good waxing place that was both reasonably priced and good quality, when I stumbled across a Tripadvisor post from 2 years before describing the waxing services of a lady that comes to your house. It was Koi and it listed her phone number. I was skeptical as the post was 2 years old, yet I gave her a call the next day and after making an appointment, a week later she was at my condo.

We’ve heard that since then you’ve been helping Koi quite a lot.

Yes, I have. When I first met Koi we clicked. I really admired her determined character, her dedication to her son, and her hard working business attitude. On my second appointment with her, Koi asked me how I found her number and I told her. She wanted to know how she could get her services online and how to build a website. I advised her to start with a Facebook page and she told me she didn’t know how to use Facebook. She also didn’t have internet at home. So with her sitting beside me, watching what I wrote, I made one for her.

So you now manage her Facebook page and her website too?

Yes, we started with a Facebook page and found it grew quickly and organically from people who already knew of her services. Then I made her a simple webpage to give more information and try to attract new customers. I also help her with business development type stuff as she is approached often by magazines, for example, to advertise in their publications and she asks for my advice. 

Why did you decide to come to Bangkok?

My standard answer to this question is simply that I was bored with Sydney. My contract was coming to an end at my old job and with the encouragement of expat friends, I started looking abroad for work. Travelling aimlessly for months at a time had never attracted me, I wanted to live abroad but I wanted to be working, so I looked for jobs on expat websites. The job I took ended up coming from a family connection in Bangkok who I emailed on a whim and connected me with the right people. 

What do you do for work now?

I run a community organisation AKIN ASIA that promotes and celebrates female leadership. Prior to that I ran an organisation that held networking events for professional women living and working in Bangkok. Koi actually spoke at one of our events, telling of her experience in entrepreneurship, her dedication to her work and plans for the future.

Do you have any hidden gems in Bangkok you would like to share with us?

Well other than Khun Koi’s fantastic treatments, I also really love the manicures at K Nail Lounge on Sukhumvit Soi 25. The salon is owned by a fantastic Korean entrepreneur and they are really dedicated to their customers. For some film culture, definitely check out The Friese-Greene Club, a small cinema of only 9 seats and screenings are free. And for a beautifully appointed boutique hotel, lookup Ad Lib. The avocado toast for breakfast is delicious and the lattes the best I have found in Bangkok.

We will definitely have to try them out! It sounds as though Nicky was impressed with Khun Koi’s treatments from day one and we hope you will be too. Give her a call to book an appointment.

Happy waxing!