“I love my job, I just love what I do.  It’s not about how much money I make, if I put my heart into my job and do it well, I am happy.” – Khun Koi

Koi Chotika is a local Thai owned and operated waxing business based in Bangkok. Currently a one woman show, Khun Koi specialises in providing quality waxing treatments to clients in the comfort of their own home. Khun Koi has been practising for more than 20 years and brings her experience and dedication to her clients, making sure every treatment is catered for the individual.

We use high quality hard wax that cannot otherwise be found in Bangkok. Hard wax or cold wax is applied with a thicker consistency to normal waxes, left to dry for a couple of seconds and is removed simply by pulling the wax itself. We use hard wax as it is less painful, is gentle on the skin and so suitable for sensitive skin types and creates a longer lasting, more effective wax.

Koi Chotika has a salon on Sukhumvit Soi 71 that provides hairdressing and waxing, however Khun Koi is most known for her mobile waxing service at locations of the clients choice. Visits can be made to houses and condominiums around central Bangkok and bookings for hotel rooms can also be arranged.

Website photos by the very talented:

marco mazzone

Lili Vieira de Carvalho

Johanna Lundin

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