How to prevent ingrown hairs while waxing

We all hate them!

And unfortunately ingrown hairs are much more common when you use wax to remove hair. The reason for this is because when you wax, it pulls the hair right out from your skin at the root and when a new hair grows it is much harder for it to penetrate the skin’s surface. But we have a few tips to stop this happening so keep reading!

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Wax on, Wax off: Nicky shares Bangkok’s hidden gems


Our Wax on, Wax off series of articles highlights members from the Koi Chotika community and asks them about their life in Thailand. Nicky is an Australian expat now living and working in Bangkok. We asked to chat to her about Khun Koi and give us some tips for her hidden secrets of Bangkok.

Can you tell us how you met Koi?

I first met Koi when I came to Bangkok a little over four years ago now. I was searching online one day, looking for a good waxing place that was both reasonably priced and good quality, when I stumbled across a Tripadvisor post from 2 years before describing the waxing services of a lady that comes to your house. It was Koi and it listed her phone number. I was skeptical as the post was 2 years old, yet I gave her a call the next day and after making an appointment, a week later she was at my condo. Continue reading

Bangkok: Waxing for MEN


“I want it to be fair.” Koi insists. “Sometimes men have more hair then women, sometimes they have very little. But it’s not about that, I want it to be fair for both men and women. The pricing will be the same.”

Khun Koi is big on equality. No matter whether you are white skinned or brown, male or female, Thai or foreigner, rich or poor, Khun Koi believes in offering the same dedicated service to all of her clients. Same goes with the pricing of her treatments. She keeps her prices low and very competitive to all the big salons because she believes that everyone should have access to great waxing services.

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Can I wax if I’m pregnant?


This is a question that is often asked of us and the answer simply is yes. There are however a few things to consider when booking a waxing appointment if you are pregnant. We’ve outlined them below with the hope that it will make you more comfortable to continue your regular treatments. Continue reading

Double dipping – the hygiene issue


Double dipping has become quite the controversy in the world of waxing. Salon’s reputations are ruined over it, customers are fearful of it, and the health world is rife with examples of terrible things that can happen. But what actually is double dipping and which types of wax are the most hygienic and safe to use? We’ll answer these questions for you below. Continue reading

Wax on, Wax off: Laura tells of her husband’s first experience


As a part of our new Wax on, Wax off series, we are chatting to some of Bangkok’s locals about their waxing experiences in this big city as well as their favourite haunts around town. Within these friendly discussions we will touch upon what makes Bangkok home for our international clientele as they share their waxing horror stories, restaurant recommendations and fun things to do in the land of smiles.

Please let us introduce our first expat resident, Laura.

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Bangkok: waxing at home vs waxing at the salon


Bangkok for the most part is hot. When it is not hot, it is raining. It is not an easy city to get around and sometimes we just want the comfort of staying at home and having services come to us.

Khun Koi understands this and so provides excellent waxing services in the comfort of your own home, hotel room or play of stay. She has been waxing for over 20 years and believes in providing high quality services at economic prices. Continue reading