Hard wax or soft wax?


Khun Koi uses a specific type of wax called hard wax. This is very hard to find in Bangkok and sometimes communication failures result in painful experiences as documented by this poor travel blogger. Continue reading


What’s the difference between a hollywood and brazilian wax?


This is a question that we get asked a lot! When serving the international clientele of Bangkok, names for treatments often get mixed up and this is where communication is essential. We’ve heard of ‘regular bikini wax’, ‘full bikini wax’ ‘french bikini wax’, and more yet we try and keep things simple. Continue reading

Bangkok: waxing at home vs waxing at the salon


Bangkok for the most part is hot. When it is not hot, it is raining. It is not an easy city to get around and sometimes we just want the comfort of staying at home and having services come to us.

Khun Koi understands this and so provides excellent waxing services in the comfort of your own home, hotel room or play of stay. She has been waxing for over 20 years and believes in providing high quality services at economic prices. Continue reading